MOT Prices
MOT class 4 from £35
MOT class 7 from £50

Car Traders Discount
MOT class 4 from £30
MOT class 7 from £40

* Test/Re-test Class 4 – 7 (first retest free)
* Failure Repair and Advisories

Car Servicing
We are offering great discounts on car servicing – you can save up to 50% on main dealer service prices, we use quality filters and oil as per car specificaiton.

Mechanical Repair

* Service and parts

* Electrical work

* Engine work

* Transmission work

* Suspension

* Steering

* Brakes

* Battery

* Starter motor & Alternator etc.

* Exhaust

* Welding

* General repairs

Body Work

* Accident crush and insurance jobs

* Denting services

* Painting jobs

* Welding

Paintless Dent Removal
We can remove those tiny dings and dents on your bodywork without you having to have the vehicle painted – saving significant time and money as well as increasing the residual value of your vehicle. 

Tyre Shop

* New budget and branded tyres with a year of manufacturers warranty

* Winter tyres

* High quality part worn/used tyres

Tyre Sales & Fitting

Vital for road safety, statistics show that almost half of all car accidents are caused when a car skids – and tyres are your vital link with the road. It pays to have the best fitted by our professional, qualified technicians in both terms of reduced wear, and safety – and you’ll find our prices competitive against high street suppliers.

Computerized Wheel Alignment service

Incorrect wheel alignment will cause rapid wear along the inside or outside edges of the tyres. If you strike a kerb or hit a pot hole – the delicate settings of the steering geometry are invariably misaligned which will result in this sort of wear. Wear and tear of the steering components can also knock the wheel alignment out of line – so its vital that you have the front wheels re-aligned every year

Alloy Wheel refurbishment

Why put up with damaged alloy wheels? This service will bring them back to pristine condition, while your car is being repaired. Great wheels add value to your car and its appearance. Make sure that your vehicle reaches is maximum second hand value when you come to resell it, with that extra ‘wow’ factor. View our video to see the care and attention to detail when we restore your wheels. Prices quoted per wheel.

Air Conditioning Recharge

Most Air conditioning systems will need recharging periodically, typically after 2 years, to ensure effectiveness. Having a re-charge while your car is in for repair is a cost effective way to ensure you never get hot under the collar while driving –  particularly in the summer months!

AutoXpress at your Service

So many vehicles have additional, minor damage, so why not have it all done at the same time as the accident repair? It saves all parties significant amounts of money, and is particularly useful where lease vehicles have to be returned in pristine condition, otherwise penalties may occur. Our Smart repair service at Autotech is called AutoXpress where our fully trained technicians are geared up to deal with those dents and knocks. Just ask for a price!

Windscreen Fitting

A damaged windscreen can be dangerous, and also fail an MOT.

Rear Parking Sensors

Make parking in tight spaces so much easier by having parking sensors fitted. Our technicians can fit the sensors while you vehicle is in our care, for rear, front, and some quarter panels. Just ask!

Please contacts us for more details.